Purelink's quality


Quality, robustness and reliability are priorities for Purelink

We understand the need for our customers to rely on the quality of our products to conduct their daily operations. For this reason, we are committed to providing robust, quality products that respond adequately to the requirements of our customers.

Quality, robustness and reliability are priorities for Purelink. We are proud to apply this philosophy in everything we make, from our wireless devices such as active RFID badges, tags and location receivers to our software products and engineering services.

Focused on reliability

Our mission is to offer continuously, equipment that is free from defects, efficient software products and systems that keep their technical specifications, year after year. With our Total Quality Methods, we ensure that each Purelink’s product carries with it the ability to deliver to you, all our technical specifications.

Question about Quality?

If your application needs a custom quality program and environmental test reports, please contact quality@purelink.ca or talk to your sales representative. We will respond quickly!