RTLS for security


Locate people in real-time to increase security

Purelink’s location system connects your access control and video surveillance system to strengthen your existing building security system. With the increasing number of cameras on a site, it becomes difficult for a security guard to observe dozens of cameras feeds to detect abnormal behavior of random employees and visitors. When the number of camera feeds increase, video surveillance rapidly becomes more of a deterrent than a protection of your facility.

A smarter surveillance system for your building

Purelink’s location products deliver ICCS applications (Individual Centric Control System). ICCS applications locate individuals, in real-time, throughout the building. By placing business rules on their profile, ICCS applications automatically control the displacements of thousands of employees, visitors, at all time.

The innovative approach of ICCS places the individual at the center of the security of the site. It strengthens your many existing security systems. It links silo security systems into a consolidated security surveillance and control system. When an individual enters a restricted area, ICCS automatically triggers an alarm; notifies security and focuses video surveillance cameras to the individual’s location. ICCS applications will continue tracking this particular individual until the incident is resolved.

Video surveillance guided by location information, ICCS

Location information, sensors information and programmed business rules on the profile of each person in the building are continuously monitored in ICCS applications. PTZ video cameras are instantly guided towards the area where the alarm is detected. Surveillance by random scan is maintained, while only a limited number of cameras focus on the observation area until the situation is resolved.


ICCS is an innovative security technology focusing on the individual, which makes your existing security surveillance system smarter. The evident benefit of an ICCS application is the help it brings to security guards. As the ICCS application monitors thousands of people every second, incidence detection is increased. Automatic video documentation of each single incident is executed and indexed properly. It increases the efficiency of observation, reduced visual search in countless random pictures while retaining the attention of the security officer who is now ready to intervene on every incident.

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