RTLS for workplace safety


You need a safer workplace

Every day, dozens of workers are seriously injured at work. In chemical plants, paper plants, wastewater treatment plants, metallurgy plants and mining, many workers are seriously injured, every week. Workplace accidents produce severe losses for businesses and families.

Smarter Workplace

Purelink location-based products detect employees around presses, furnaces, conveyors and other dangerous production zones to automatically inform personnel of their status. By associating each employee with a Purelink badge or Smart Security-Vest, new protocols for health-and-safety can be implemented to protect personnel from injuries. Contact us today to learn more about our smart security vest.

Integrating employees’ location data in your daily operations strengthens your security protocols. It enables a smarter and safer workplace that keeps an eye on every worker to protect them from danger. For example, when production equipment must be reset on, the system will detect the presence of workers in the danger zone and prevent automatic reset. Purelink’s system can also trigger the built-in buzzer. It can turn on the built-in LED light on employee’s badge and inform the safety hygienist of the situation.


Purelink’s RTLS products provide auditing tools to analyze and document accidents. It provides tools to better manage legal obligations.

  • Detection of employees in dangerous production areas: presses, conveyors, cutting tools, furnace, clean rooms and labs.
  • Protect employees against production equipment.
  • Protect employee and control access to unauthorized equipment and products, restricted facilities and hazardous zones.
  • Facilitate security audits of plant
  • Automate compliance control to COSHH and OSHA protocols (Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health).
  • Automatically control Hand-washing compliance in hospitals
  • Monitor isolation compliance & control in hospital environments

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