Bluefairy Client Suite


BluefairyTM Client

BluefairyTM Client allows you to configure business rules, observe the location and displacements of people in real-time. It allows you to receive alerts, build reports and replay historical paths of people and equipment.


Bluefairy Fundamental - Configure your location-aware applications
  • Import your physical world into location-aware applications
  • Create groups and categorires of people and equipment. Create and organize virtual zones.
  • Associate badges and tags to profiles of people and equipment.
  • Generate and apply business rules to profiles and create location-based applications.
  • Build more applications by linking business rules, people, equipment and virtual zones
  • Set the speech synthesizer to broadcast messages automatically when an event is detected.
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Bluefairy Observer - Locate and track the displacements of people and equipment
  • Observe the location of people and equipment in real-time.
  • Observe the displacements of people in real-time
  • Observe the alarms and events produced by people and equipment in real-time.
  • Locate and display the location of people and equipment.
  • Browse the floors or sites and see real-time activities.
  • Observe and count, in real-time the number and categories of persons and equipment in each zone.
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Bluefairy Inspector - Manage location-aware alerts and events
  • Observe and manage events detected by your location-aware applications.
  • Receiver alerts by emails and on your smart phone
  • Manage events and notify colleagues of your interventions.
  • Send detected alerts to colleagues connected on the system.
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Bluefairy Review -  Replay past displacements of people and equipment
  • Replay historical path of people and equipment
  • Replay simultaneously multiple historical paths of people and equipment to reveal interactions
  • Run audits on security and safety protocols
  • Track distances traveled by people and equipment in your lean processes
  • Analyze people-to-people and people-to-equipment interactions
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Bluefairy Reporter - Instant mustering reports, automatic headcount, instant equipment inventory, customized reports
  • Create inventory reports of people and equipment by zones, floor level or system-wide.
  • Automatically count equipment or staff in certain zones.
  • Create mustering reports
  • Build last-known location reports on people and equipment.
  • Create customized reports of past events in your location-aware application.
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