Bluefairy Computing Engine


BluefairyTM Computing Engine

The core of your location-aware applications

BluefairyTM Computing Engine allows users to import maps of sites, to define the physical surface to cover with location services, to configure the receivers and fine tune your location system. It allows you to select and configure the best algorithm for optimal performance on each zone, building and site for your applications. To cover all possible requirements, it offers three real-time location-based services: location mode, visibility (location by zone) mode and checkpoint mode. Finally, BluefairyTM Computing Engine enables you to perform advanced diagnostics to maintain the best performance of your real-time location system.

BluefairyTM Computing Engine provides user-friendly graphical tools that allow anyone, with limited knowledge of engineering, to install and configure a real-time location system throughout an office, a factory or an entire hospital.

The computing engine of the hardware layer data

BluefairyTM Computing Engine is the management software for the hardware layer consisting of badges, tags, sensors and receivers. It interprets and computes the low level location data collected from the Location receivers PLK-TR015-10 and Visbility receivers PLK-VRF015-10. It is designed to provide robustness and accuracy, even in the most difficult radio environments such as refineries, mines, factories, baggage room in airports and other heavy industrial environments.

The user friendly interface makes it easy to configure the physical layer of your location-aware applications. BluefairyTM Computing Engine provides an intuitive graphical interface to import floor maps, create radio coverage zones and configure them for location services, visibility services and checkpoint services.

Diagnose and maintain your real-time location system

BluefairyTM Computing Engine offers a large selectionf of diagnostic and analysis tools to observe and measure the performance of location services provided by the hardware layer of the system. These maintenance tools allow you to control the quality of the radio coverage between badges, tags and receivers, and to verify the status of receivers. Tools for analyzing the quality of communications on your IT network facilitate performance management.

BluefairyTM Computing Engine computes the location of thousands of peopole and equipment every two seconds. This unique computing power allows for implementation of advanced location-aware applications that merge harmoniously with the natural displacemenets of museum visitors, of staff in hospitals, airports or factories.

With an autocorrection mechanism, BluefairyTM Computing Engine provides a redundant structure to ensure consistency and reliability of data. This mechanism is essential to provide location information in critical security and safety applications. It ensures that consistent data will continue to flow to Bluefairy Server, even in case of partial hardware failure.

System requirements :

  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 7, XP® SP2 or Vista®
  • Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 or 2008
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium 4® 2.8GHz or greater
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM minimum