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BluefairyTM Server

The management server for your location-aware applications

BluefairyTM Server is the management center of your location-based applications. It contains several software subsystems that manage different operations of your real-time location system.

As the nerve center of the system, BluefairyTM Server manages the applications, backs up the system configuration data, such as profiles of people associated with badges, virtual zones and business rules applied to people or equipment. It records all position data generated by people and equipment within the application. It manages the business rules and allows users to create reports and to replay the historical paths.

BluefairyTM Server provides distributed client-server architecture, creating a highly secure environment in which multiple users can connect remotely and simultaneously. The power of this architecture allows fluid observations, in real-time, of the positions and displacements of people and equipment. No matter where in the world, you can connect from your BluefairyTM Client Suite and see in real-time the movement of people and equipment.

Architecture designed for enterprise applications

Unlike tracking systems built on web browsers BluefairyTM Server requires no deployment of complex web servers. No adjustment of monthly databases is required. BluefairyTM Server is designed to be autonomous and operate without the intervention of an administrator on a daily basis. It is a robust server, specially designed for location-aware applications for enterprise environment.

One server to support multiple location-based applications

BluefairyTM Server is designed to support multiple location-aware applications simultaneously. It is a scalable server that allows you to gradually deploy various location-based applications to meet your business needs. It is also designed with a mechanism for continuity of past location data. This capability allows the same badge or tag to be reassigned and reused without losing information stored on the person or the equipment it was previously associated with.

Past event management

Location data generated by people wearing a badge or equipment with a tag as well as events are stored in BluefairyTM Server database. The server allows users, using real-time applications such as BluefairyTM Observer and BluefairyTM Inspector to immediately view the displacements of people or equipment and their status.

This capability is a valuable tool in BluefairyTM Server that allows users to build detailed analysis of logistics processes, events and security alarms, or to analyze and improve emergency procedures while the system continues its operation.

System requirements :

  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 7, XP® SP2 or Vista®
  • Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 or 2008
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium 4® 2.8GHz or greater
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM minimum
  • Database engine:Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008R2