Purelink RTLS location pack



Your turnkey geolocation system
for people and equipment tracking

Purelink's Location Pack is a turnkey real-time location system to locate and track people and equipment. This pack contains all the equipment you need: location receivers with two antennas each, badges or tags and a complete software suite: BluefairyTM Computing Engine, BluefairyTM Server and its database as well as BluefairyTM Client. BluefairyTM Client contains BluefairyTM Observer, BluefairyTM Inspector, BluefairyTM Reporter and BluefairyTM Review.

Easy to install, quick to configure

In less than 2 hours, you can deploy your 4 receivers in your organization and configure your system from a laptop computer. The location pack is easy to use. It is powerful enough to cover the surface of an average building floor (50m x 50m, 164' x 164'). It can be deployed in a hospital wing, a production or an office area. It will work in most indoor and outdoor environments with stability and robustness.

Simple and Efficient

No WiFi network is required. No additional auxiliary equipment necessary, such as "Exciter" or infrared sensors, to accurately locate people or equipment. Once configured, the Purelink geolocation system contained in your location pack will give you a ± 2 m (6.5') accuracy without having to install any auxiliary equipment.

This pack is designed so that anyone can install reliable location-aware applications within any corporate environment, to track people and equipment or to control logistics process.

A complete geolocation system

The Location Pack is designed to be the core of your location-aware applications. Our customers use it to build, test and evaluate their application on a limited scale before large scale deployment.

With the PLK-LPS-10S, except for a computer, no other equipment is required. All you need to install, configure, deploy and maintain your location-aware applications or your pilot project in your organization is provided with the pack.

Components of the PLK-LPS-10S Pack Quantity
PLK-TR015-10 location receiver 4
802.11 Wi-Fi Communication optional
Power Over Ethernet optional
PLK-AN010 tracking antenna 8
Mounting kit for the antenna 8
nanoEdgeTM tracking badge (PLK-NT030-20) or
nanoEdgeTM tracking tag (PLK-NT030-10)
BluefairyTM Computing Engine 1 license
BluefairyTM Server 1 license
Simultaneous remote users up to 5
BluefairyTM Client, 5 RTLS software applications 1 license
12 month technical support included
Documentation included
One-year warranty on hardware and software included

Your location-aware application can easily increase in size to cover large buildings and industrial sites. When you want, you can simply add badges, tags, receivers and software licenses.

  • Increase the coverage by adding PLK-TR015-10 location receivers or PLK-VRF015-10 visibility receivers.
  • Increase the size of your location-aware application by adding more badges, tags or sensors.
  • Increase the system capacity with higher software editions of:
    • BluefairyTM Computing Engine,
    • BluefairyTM Server
    • BluefairyTM Client.
Outdoor coverage
(depending on the environment)
150m x 150m (22 500 m2)
492 'x 492' (242 188 pi2)
Indoor coverage 80m x 80m (6 400 m2)
262 'x 262' (68 889 pi2)
Average position accuracy ± 2 m (6.5')
Typical position update frequency 1 time / 2 s
Operating modes Tracking, Visibility, Checkpoints
Purelink location pack

Price*: $ 8 995.98

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Safety Application
  • Location-based Code White for anti-aggression system
  • Implement nurse call and emergency assistance systems
  • Improve your emergency evacuation protocols with location information
  • Build mustering reports, headcount, last-know Location applications
  • Protect workers near dangerous equipment
  • Protect workers in hazardous production areas

Personnel safety
Hospital | Industrial | Commercial
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Safety Application
  • Control and monitor visitors in your facility
  • Detect unauthorized access to restricted zones
  • Protect equipment from theft
  • Integrate Individual-Centric Control System (ICCS) in your building to maximize your security
  • Implement location-based video surveillance application to get the maximum of your security system
  • Monitor personnel traffic in restricted areas automatically

Event-driven security
Airports | Gouvernments | Strategic Sites
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Safety Application
  • Implement location-based mobile equipment management
  • Locate mobile medical equipment
  • Eliminate equipment search time
  • Automatically control equipment distribution
  • Increase equipment utilization rate
  • Reduce inventory cost
  • Reduce equipment lease
  • Improve employee satisfaction

Tracking of mobile equipment
Hospital | Industrial | Commercial
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Safety Application
  • Implement airport-wide location-based services.
  • Generate new revenues by sharing geolocation data of people and equipment to streamline processes.
  • Implement location-based equipment management
  • Build location-based cost containment application

Equipment tracking
Airports | Seaports | Commercial
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