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Purelink's location receiver PLK-TR015-10 covers large areas for RTLS applications. While providing coverage over 40,000 m2, it allows BlueFairyTM Computing Engine to locate in real-time, over 10,000 badges, tags and sensors with an average accuracy of 2 meters.

The receiver location PLK-TR015-10 is highly sensitive. It is designed specifically to effectively cover large areas in buildings, factories and hospitals. Its unrivaled sensitivity even detects tags and badges transmissions in the most hostile environments.

The largest RTLS coverage of the market

The outstanding performance of the PLK-TR015-10 receivers is used to provide the largest RTLS coverage on the market with the maximum accuracy. The dual independent antenna in MIMO technology ensures maximum communication robustness. This innovative approach provides also an optimal redundancy. No matter what your working environment is, the PLK-TR015-10 is designed to process each badge and tag’s transmission, reliably. The antennas of the receiver can be oriented in different directions to optimize the signal strength or to maximize radio coverage for your application. The PLK-TR015-10 receiver is the only RTLS equipment you need to deploy high accuracy, high speed location-aware application. No hundreds of infrared beacons, no Exciters are required.

Maximum versatility

The PLK-TR015-10 delivers three location RTLS services, or modes, with BlueFairyTM Computing Engine:

  • You can deploy it for maximum precision in Location Mode.
  • You can configure it for optimal coverage for Location by zone or Visibility.
  • Finally, you can configure your PLK-TR015-10 for Checkpoint Mode.

The PLK-TR015-10 is the only infrastructure equipment to cover large areas on an entire building or a parking lot for location-aware applications. To increase the coverage of the system, simply add location or visibility receiver.

Network friendly

The PLK-TR015-10 uses the existing communications infrastructure to route location data to BlueFairyTM Computing Engine. The receiver PLK-TR015-10 is specially designed for location-aware applications. It integrates Purelink's latest tri-band technology, that is 5.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz for badges communications and WiFi for data transport over the network. The PLK-TR015-10 offers three options:

  • Option 1: WiFi 802.11n
    The WiFi option increases the agility of the receiver to transport badges data without installing network cable. Receivers PLK-TR015-10 are seen by your network as a single Ethernet client.This option allows you to deploy location-based applications at low cost without increase the number of Access Points in your existing wireless network.
  • Option 2: Power over Ethernet
    Fully compatible with IEEE 802.3af/at standard, Power Over Ethernet (POE) option provides power to the receiver PLK-TR015-10 with any POE Switch.
  • Option 3: Combadge Module
    The Combadge module control PLK-NT030-20BZ audible badges and PLK-SE030-OP1 visual feedback badges and over 250 m distance. For example, in location-based applications, when a person accesses a restricted area, the receiver can make the badge ring or flash.

Technical Specifications

Processing capacity 10 000 badges/tags/sensors per second
3 services Tracking (2 m accuracy)
Visibility (tracking by zone)
Outdoor Coverage 40 000 m2 (200 m x 200m)
430 336 pi2 (656 pi x 656 pi)
Indoor Coverage 6 400 m2 (80 m x 80 m)
68 889 pi2 (262 pi x 262 pi)
Network Interface LAN/ WLAN Ethernet
Option 1 Wi-Fi Access Point/ Router
Option 2 Power over Ethernet
Option 3 Combadge module to send commands
to badges and tags
Purelink long-range active rfid Location Receivers
Available in 3 colors
Starting from*: 959.98$
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