RTLS Bluefairy Computing Engine



This software product provides access to location information provided by BluefairyTM Computing Engine. The Positional Data SDK simplifies the use and integration of both hardware data and positional data in your custom location-aware applications.

This API / SDK allows for the integration of positional data in applications external to BluefairyTM Suite. For example, some customers use the SDK Positional Data to transmit positional data of badges and tags to location-aware Virtual Tour Guide applications. The latter provides museum visitors holding an iPod with multimedia information on the artwork closest to their location. Other customers use the SDK to integrate the detection of workers in hazardous production zones to prevent the rearmament of a press or a conveyor. And finally, other clients use this SDK to integrate geolocation data into videosurveillance systens for Individual-Centric Security applications.

The SDK comes with several source code examples and uses the Microsoft .Net Framework.

With the API/SDK you get access to:

  • Badges and tags identification
  • Battery level of each badge and tag
  • Filtered sensor data
  • Status each badge and tag
  • Location of badges and tags: Coordinates (x, y), zone coordinates
  • Site definition: floor and area maps
  • Time of each measured position