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BluefairyTM Client


Import your virtual world into location-aware applications

Commercial and industrial activities are executed with people, equipment, sites, according to a schedule with business rules . BluefairyTM Fundamental imports your physical world into location-aware applications. These applications trigger warnings before incidents occur, detect non-compliance to your security protocols and eliminate downtime in your logistics processes.

BluefairyTM Fundamental is a feature-rich software designed to provide you with all the tools you need to build location-aware applications. It consists of five main modules, each containing several tools to edit, for instance, the profiles of people and equipment or to create virtual zones where you want to detect an event. An easy-to-use business rules engine allows you to apply any business rule on any profile or category of people, equipment, sensor and virtual zones. This unique capability of BluefairyTM Fundamental allows the creation of complex business rules which will accurately control the critical events of your location-based application. To go further, a schedule management module gives you the ability to select the hours and dates of each of the business rules you have applied. The speech synthesizer software module allows you to automatically broadcast, in the language of your choice, specific messages when an event is detected.

Build multiple applications with BluefairyTM Fundamental

The ergonomics of the user interface and usability of BluefairyTM Fundamental allow for quick configuration of multiple security applications to protect workers and simplify logistics processes at the same time. Thus, a biomedical equipment management application or an anti-aggression application deployed to protect the personnel in psychiatric hospitals can be created in less than 5 minutes using the same user-friendly graphical environment.

Program business rules on people and equipment

BluefairyTM Fundamental provides tools for creating virtually any location-aware application. By simply defining the rule, the zone and the people who are the subject of that rule, it is possible to create a wide variety of location-aware applications in offices to protect people and equipment in hospitals to locate equipment, in plants and refineries for emergency evacuation protocols.

Program business rules on sensors and smart clothes.

BluefairyTM Fundamental also allows you to create business rules on Purelink's sensors, smart security vests or flame retardant suits. Purelink's smart vests and flame retardant suits are equipped with sensors that detect if the employee removes their safety vest. If the vest is opened, tampered or removed in a protected zone, an alarm alerts security officers. In possible cases of falls, an integrated motion sensor detects the employee on the ground.

In a few clicks BluefairyTM Fundamental can be programmed to control complex situations. All state sensor tags and badges such as anti-theft tags, emergency assistance badges and Purelink's smart clothes can be programmed in location-aware applications with BluefairyTM Fundamental

Voice synthesizer to announce events automatically

BluefairyTM Fundamental provides a voice synthesizer software module that allows you to broadcast voice messages when a specific event is detected.

BluefairyTM Fundamental allows you to create applications that can effectively meet the needs of productivity, security and safety of your organization.

System requirements :

  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 7, XP® SP2 or Vista®
  • Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 or 2008
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium 4® 2.8GHz or greater
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM minimum