RTLS Bluefairy Observer

BluefairyTM Client


Observe the location of people and equipment, and their status in real-time.

BluefairyTM Observer represents persons and equipment by icons or avatars and displays their locations in real-time on the map of the premises. If your site contains multiple floors, you can browse each floor to observe the location of people and equipment in real-time. BluefairyTM Observer also shows the displacements of people and equipment at all times on the map of each floor of the building simultaneously.

In BluefairyTM Observer, when equipment leaves an area or when the anti-theft tag associated with it is removed, the avatar and the device flashes and is circled in red to inform you of an event. Similarly, when a person enters a zone programmed "detectable" , BluefairyTM Observer reports this event by adding a flashing circle around the avatar of the person to inform you of its new status in that zone. Events triggered by sensors of tags, button on badges, any tampering with intelligent security vests or flame retardant suits are also displayed graphically on the avatars.

Tools to facilitate research and observation

Various features allow users to search for a person or specific piece of equipment. Graphical tools allow you to quickly select a floor and filter the display to show only certain categories of people or equipment. You can browse by floor, by building or by site

Count people an equipment in zones automatically

By selecting a zone, BluefairyTM Observer automatically displays the photo associated with each person or equipment present in the zone. It provides the number and categories of people and equipment in the selected zone. With the distributed architecture of BluefairyTM Suite, multiple users can connect simultaneously, from anywhere, facilitating the management of your multi-site applications. .

System requirements :

  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 7, XP® SP2 or Vista®
  • Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 or 2008
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium 4® 2.8GHz or greater
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM minimum