Purelink RTLS sensor pack



Purelink’s PLK-WSE-10S Wireless Sensor Pack is designed for developers and integrators who need access to sensor and location data to build dedicated applications. This provides, via a .NET API, sensor data obtained from the sensorEdgeTM tags: temperature, motion, brightness, humidity or gas concentration. The PLK-WSE-10S pack contains three receivers, a choice of three types of sensorEdgeTM tags and the hardware-level SDK.

Easy to install, quick to configure

Developers can use this SDK to create fully customized enterprise software. Using the RSS data provided by the SDK, developers can design and implement their own location system while integrating sensor data.

The open architecture of the Sensor Pack allows for rapid system scalability. By simply adding more sensors, badges, tags and receivers, novel control systems can be built to serve new business opportunities or to better protect people.

Components of the Pack PLK-WSE-10S Quantity
PLK-VRF015-10 visibility receiver 3
802.11 Wi-Fi Communication optional
Power Over Ethernet optional
PLK-AN010 tracking antenna 6
Mounting kit for the antenna 6
sensorEdgeTM tags
(temperature, motion or luminosity sensors)
Hardware level SDK 1 license
12 month technical support included
Documentation included
One-year warranty on hardware and software included

The Sensor Pack can easily increase in size to cover large buildings and industrial sites. When you want, you can simply add badges, tags, receivers and software licenses.

  • Increase coverage by adding more PLK-TR015-10 Tracking Receivers or PLK-VRF015-10 Visibility Receivers, when and where you need it
  • Increase tracking volume by adding more tracking badges, asset tags and sensors
  • Enhance your custom applications by connecting it to Purelink’s BluefairyTM Computing Engine and BluefairyTM Client Suite
  • Work with Purelink engineers to maximize your hardware configuration and your dedicated software developments.
Outdoor coverage
(depending on the environment)
150m x 150m (22 500 m2)
492 'x 492' (242 188 pi2)
Indoor coverage 80m x 80m (6 400 m2)
262 'x 262' (68 889 pi2)
Hardware-level data for development of custom location system using RSS algorithm Available
Position update frequency 1 time/s
Purelink sensor pack

Price*: $ $ 6 825.85

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  • Build applications for optimization of industrial processes and environmental control.
  • Monitor temperature fluctuations, vibrations and variations of ambient light in a building, a plant or any installation.
  • Ensure control of product quality in supply chain (cold chain, product integrity)
  • Build smart microclimate control applications to increase comfort in buildings and save energy
  • Conduct industrial research