Purelink RTLS location pack


Best price
Best value for money
The most complete
RTLS software suite
Excellent quality and
Excellent services
Excellent performance Excellent reputation
This is the best RTLS solution. Three times less expensive than any competing system.

Purelink tags are the least expensive on the market.

Best RTLS infrastructure and the least expensive on the market. Purelink location receivers cover larger areas. 4 receivers / 40 000 m2 / ± 2 m accuracy. Simply unbeatable

You have more software and more features with Purelink.
A suite of 7 software specially designed for location-aware applications.

Here is your platform for all your location-based applications:
  • Bluefairy Computing Engine
  • Bluefairy Server
  • Bluefairy Client Suite
    • Fundamental
    • Observer
    • Inspector
    • Reporter
    • Review
The most complete software suite for location-aware applications.
Robust products with exceptional quality.

Each Purelink product is supported by a solid manufacturer’s warranty.

Get complete online training to master your system.

A team of Purelink experts are available to assist you.
Outstanding performance of turnkey RTLS systems.

Badges with a long service lifetime, a low-density infrastructure for a larger coverage area.

Deploy security, safety and logistic applications with the same Purelink system.

Accurate, stable and robust.

An accuracy of 3 m, with high stability over time.
Purelink is recognized in over 28 countries for the quality of its products.

Government and private clients adopted Purelink products for the price, quality and professional technical support they receive.

Customers such as Boeing, Honeywell, Thales, Lisbon Airport, SAIC, CSC, Mona Museum, Sunnybrook Hospital, BP and many others rely on Purelink products every day for their safety, security and process optimization applications.
The best badges,
The best tags
The best
RTLS infrastructure
Easy to install,
Easy to operate
Easy to integrate Low impact
on your network
Badges and Tags:
  • 4.5 mm thickness
  • 200 m communication range
  • 5 years battery lifetime at 1 transmission per second
The best performance on the market.

Badges Options:
  • Access control
  • Call button
  • Motion sensor
The most versatile on the market

Maximize your existing security system by adding Purelink location badges.
Low density infrastructure means less investment for you.

Purelink receivers are your sole RTLS infrastructure. They provide you with more coverage and more accuracy. 4 receivers / 40 000 m2 / ± 2 m accuracy. Simply unbeatable!

Purelink receivers are designed to cover large areas and provide maximum accuracy and stability.
2 hours to install your location pack. All you need is a PC.

Each product pack contains all equipment and software required to quickly install your application.

At any time, you can add tags, badges, receivers and licenses to meet your changing needs.

Easy server installation and configuration.
3 APIs and SDKs to easily integrate positional data in your applications.

Easy to integrate with access control system and CCTV, surveillance cameras network.

Easy integration with production and control systems.
Purelink RTLS system is a simple client for your IT network.

Purelink RTLS system is a non IT invasive product.

Receivers use the IT network to carry data only and not to perform calculations.

Purelink RTLS system is an agile infrastructure that preserves the performance of your network.