RTLS for security



Building Security cannot be limited to access control and passive monitoring of countless video images. The electronic control of each individual’s displacement must be integrated into the overall strategy to ensure optimal site protection.

Purelink products deliver Individual Centric Control System (ICCS) in government, enterprise and industrial environments that leverage existing security infrastructure. ICCS locates people in real-time throughout the building. By placing business rules on the individual’s profile, ICCS automatically controls and tracks the displacement of thousands of employees, in real-time.

This innovative approach places the individual at the center of the site's security to strengthen both your access control system and your video surveillance system. When an individual is accessing an unauthorized area, ICCS can automatically trigger an alarm, notify security and order the nearest camera(s) to display the image of that person to security guards. ICCS can even request your video surveillance system to automatically follow that particular individual until the incident is resolved.

Built-in anti-theft micro-sensors and motion sensors are integrated in tags to protect your sensitive equipment, PC, production equipment, at all times. When equipment is touched or moved outside of authorized hours and zones, ICCS instantly triggers an alarm, places a phone call or sends a text message to security guards.

visitor control
  • Automatically monitor and control visitors
  • Prevent unauthorized access to areas and equipment
  • Facilitate internal security audits
  • Simplify security checks
  • Follow visitors and contractors in your facility
asset protection
  • Protect valuable equipment
  • Quickly locate sensitive equipment
  • Prevent equipment theft
  • Prevent unauthorized equipment removal
  • Maintain compliance of equipment use
advanced acces control
  • Strengthen your access control system with tracking & access control badge
  • Strengthen your video surveillance system by adding the intelligence of location data
  • Control access in open areas
  • Facilitate your internal safety audit process