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Assisted management of mobile medical equipment with Purelink RTLS

Mobile medical equipment is essential to patient care. Whether it is an intravenous pump, a heart monitor, or a wheelchair, virtually all patients are dependent on one or more mobile devices during a hospital stay.

Unfortunately, hospitals often lack effective tools to properly manage and distribute mobile devices. A common but expensive solution is to store equipment, hoping that they will always be available when needed. Yet, nurses often spend 20 to 30 minutes per shift to hunt for intravenous pumps. Some equipment such as wheelchairs simply disappear from the hospital.

200-bed hospital, $500 000 US dollars in losses every year

The impact on patient care, staff productivity and the cost to the hospital is enormous, especially at a time when hospitals and biomedical engineers are challenged to do more with less. Why is it that despite the practice of over-inventory, equipment is rarely available when needed? How is it that although several additional units are purchased or leased, often annually, in an effort to replace equipment units that are often hidden in a room or locker; these new units are in turn lost in the system or remain under-used, well below the 40% utilization rate?

Breaking this cycle provides an important business opportunity for health care organizations to achieve significant gains, freeing up time for nurses to meet the objectives of patient care and better manage costs.

Assisted equipment management with Purelink RTLS

Purelink helps hospitals locate mobile equipment and reduce surplus inventory. By associating a location tag to each equipment unit, the utilization rate of mobile equipment increases to 80%.

By understanding how mobile equipment are managed and used in the organization, then by mapping the current processes with the right RTLS services of Purelink products, hospitals with 200 beds can:

  • Improve the effectiveness of health care, patient safety and staff productivity. All this, simply by ensuring that the right equipment is available at the right time and in the right place.
  • Reduce capital acquisitions, surplus inventories of equipment by 15% per year. Release $ 180 000 for other activities each year.
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance and operations by 25%. Recover $ 75 000 each year to allow Biomedical staff to focus on tasks that actually generate value and improve patient care.
  • Eliminate the time to locate equipment units by 80%. Recover $ 250 000 in working hours, every year to treat patients.

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