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Locate people and equipment to simplify your operations

When an employee travels miles to search for equipment visually, you lose money. When a nurse takes 30 minutes per shift to search for an intravenous pump, you do not treat your patients. Whether you are a hospital, an airport or a factory, use of your staff time to search for equipment visually, does not generate value. When you do not have the tools to know the location of each piece of equipment, you agreed to lose that money.

Purelink location system displays the location of each piece of equipment on a map. No more searching, each equipment location is displayed in front of you on a map. Now you can invest the time of your employees for production, taking orders from your customers or treating patients in your hospital.

In a museum, Purelink products are integrated with artworks catalogue, enriching visitor experience. It allows visitors equipped with an iPod tablet to receive multimedia contents on artwork close to their location. As visitors move, the system feeds them with new artwork contents.

In a production line, parts are associated with reusable tags that inform employees of work to be done on each of them. In an airport ground handling personnel can at a glance locate chassis, baggage carts, tractors and dollies to save time.

Join our customers and use location data to simplify your operations, cut cost and generate value.

Airport Image link
  • Locate non-traveling personnel to stream line process and cut cost
  • Locate contractors in restricted areas
  • Locate chassis, trucks, tractors, baggage carts and other handling equipment to cut loss of time
  • Simplify logistics operations
  • Implement a location-based services platform to generate new revenue in your airport
Seaport Image link
  • In seaport, automatically control inbound and outbound of unloading and loading docks allocation
  • Manage process flow and avoid allocation mistakes
  • Locate containers, chassis, trucks and drivers
  • Manage flow
  • Optimize seaports operations: inbound, outbound, warehousing, loading and unloading
Healthcare Image link
  • Implement location-based mobile equipment management
  • Locate mobile medical equipment, such as intravenous pumps, wheelchairs, stretchers and other key equipment
  • Eliminate equipment search time
  • Locate transport personnel to save time and cut costs
  • Automatically control equipment distribution
  • Increase equipment utilization rate
  • Reduce inventory cost
  • Reduce equipment lease
  • Measure and manage compliance to quarantine and safety protocols
  • Improve employee satisfaction
ETC Image link
  • Electronic Toll Collection
  • Vehicle detection and classification
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Parking management