Purelink RTLS product pack


The pack, your turnkey real-time location system in a box

Choose one of the 3 packs to build your location-aware application for personnel safety, security or process optimization. Each pack is a complete geolocation system in a box. It contains all you need to install and operate your location-aware application: badges or tags, receivers and BlueFairyTM software suite.

Location Pack Visibility Pack Sensor Network Pack

One pack to support several applications

The three packs are designed to support simultaneously multiple applications such as equipment protection, logistics optimization, safety and security applications.


The location packs, visibility packs and sensor network packs are reconfigurable. The flexibility of BluefairyTM Computing Engine allows you to set up the system in different configurations to better meet the requirements of the desired application. You can configure your pack in location mode for maximum accuracy or in visibility mode for maximum coverage.


Purelink's packs are designed to be scalable. You installed your application from a pack and you want to extend your system? It is easy. Add receivers to increase the coverage surface. Add badges and tags to integrate more people or equipment in your applications. Further, each pack can easily be integrated to third party systems with our software development kits.

Safety Security Process optimization