Real-Time Location Systems


Real-Time Location System Manufacturer

Purelink manufactures Real-Time Location Systems, long range tracking badges, tags and software used to locate people and equipment in buildings, airports, manufacturing plants and other industries. Purelink products deliver Location Based Context-Aware Applications enabling Process Optimization, Security and Safety in enterprise and industrial environments.

We use our Core Technology DILS (Digital Impulse Location System) to engineer RTLS systems and software that deliver cost effective, high quality and high performance geolocation products to our customers worldwide.

Performance │ Quality │ Price

Performance, quality and affordability make the worldwide reputation of our products. In more than 28 countries our products enable our customers to optimize processes, to reinforce security and safety procedures in their daily operations. We are a proud vertically integrated manufacturing company and a software house under the same roof that manufactures reliable hardware and software to meet our customers' needs in functionality, cost, and quality.

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