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Pack Configuration Deploiement Programmation
A complete RTLS system in a box Your RTLS receiver configured
in 30 seconds
Your RTLS system simplified Your location-aware application in your grasp
Discover the amazing content of Purelink's location pack. See how easily Sophie configures a location receiver for her RTLS application. Sophie configures her RTLS system in just a few clicks. Sophie implements an Emergency Call Application within a minute.
Location pack Location receiver Bluefairy Computing Engine Bluefairy Fundamental
Localisation Appel Alertes Analyse
See it to believe it Location-based emergency call at your finger tips Share your location-based alerts with colleagues Post Event-Analysis: reveal the facts behind each alert
Bluefairy™ Observer locates people and follows their displacement in real-time. When in danger, push the button on your badge to automatically generate a location-based alert. With Bluefairy™ Inspector, easily share alerts and improve response time in your processes. With Bluefairy™ Review, replay people displacements to facilitate audits and to document incidents.
Bluefairy Observer Emergency Assistance Badge Bluefairy Inspector Bluefairy Review
Rapports Visitor Control & Asset Protection Observer Review
Create detailed reports in a few clicks Locate and control visitors everywhere, anytime Locate people, follow their displacements and observe their status Review people displacements to improve your security
With Bluefairy™ Reporter, quickly build inventory or event reports. Monitor visitor activities in your facility to protect your assets. Monitor visitor activities in your facility to protect your assets. Get a better understanding on what happened for each alarm.
Bluefairy Reporter Tracking Badges
Tamperproof Tracking Tags
Bluefairy Observer Bluefairy Review
Inspector Reporter Observer2
Manage events in real-time Create advanced reports on every incident Get a top-down view of your operations
Get your hands on every incident with Bluefairy™ Inspector and Observer. Easily generate custom reports on any event in your location-based application With Bluefairy™ Observer, get a view of your ongoing processes without leaving your desk.
Bluefairy Inspector Bluefairy Reporter Bluefairy Observer