Purelink green program


Sustainable practices make good business

Tracking badges, tags and sensors contain integrated circuits, plastics and batteries that should not be disposed of with household waste. Some chips in electronic devices may contain traces of dangerous substances which could have a potential impact on the environment. We fully support the RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) that we integrate into the manufacturing process of our location badges, tags, sensors and receivers.

Protect the environment, a question of quality

At Purelink, we consider the ecological footprint of our products as a key parameter in our Quality Assurance Plan. We want to encourage our customers to protect the environment. We offer a discount of 2.5% to all our customers on their next order of active RFID badges and tags when you return your badges, asset tags and sensors to Purelink after their useful lifes.

Questions about our Green program?

If you have questions about Purelink’s Green program, please send your request to quality@purelink.ca. We will respond quickly!