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Step 1 - Locate people and equipment

Enter the quantity of badges and tags required
icone people icone mobile equipment
Badges to locate
    Qté Tags to locate

Standard Badges (PLK-NT030-20) Standard Tags (PLK-NT030-10)
Emergency Assistance Badges (PLK-NT030-20EA) Anti-theft Tamperproof Tags (PLK-NT030-10AT)
Audible Feedback Badges (PLK-NT030-20BZ) Visual Feedback Tags (PLK-NT030-10LD)
Tags with Temperature Sensor (PLK-SE030-TE1)
Tags with Motion Detector (PLK-SE030-SH1)
Tags with Optical Sensor (PLK-SE030-OP1)

Motion sensor

5 Hz Transmission rate, 5 transmissions per second, 2.5 years battery-life
1 Hz Transmission rate, 1 transmission per second, 5 years battery-life

Location services:

Real-time Location (X,Y Coordinates), RTLS tracking mode

Tracking Maximum accuracy ± 2 meters (± 6 foot). The Location mode requires more equipment than the Visibility mode.

Visibility (Location by zone)

Location by zone This service allows you to detect people and equipment in zones. The Visibility mode provides a location by zone. The size of a zone can range from 225 m2 to 10 000 m2 (2420 ft2 to 107 640 ft2).


Checkpoints The Checkpoint mode provides a simple way to know if a person passes through a control point.

Receiver type

PLK-TR015-10 Location Receiver, dual-band, 2 channels

PLK-VRF015-10 Visibility Receiver, dual-band, 2 channels

  2 PLK-AN010 Tracking Antennas to connect to the receiver (included)
  2 Mounting kits for the PLK-AN010 antennas (included)

Option 1 - 802.11n WiFi Access Point/Router Module
Option 2 - 802.3af/at IEEE POE (Power Over Ethernet) Module
Option 3 - Combadge Module for transmission toward badges and tags

Step 2 - Environment description

I will install this system in the following environment:



Industrial Factory Warehouse Hospital Office
Approximative surface to cover
Length Width
x m ft

For a coverage greater than 500 m x 500 m, please contact a sales representative at sales@purelink.ca

Number of floors to cover:     (maximum of 60)
Additional information (maximum of 100 characters):

Step 3 - Application requirement Control

I want to use my location system mainly for:
Location-based Code White, with automatic voice message
Implement location-based anti-aggression systems for psychiatric centers and hospitals
Reinforce safety protocols
Reinforce evacuation protocols
Reinforce compliance to safety protocols
Locate missing worker on industrial sites. Leave no one behind
Locate employees in hazardous areas
Automatic mustering reports, headcount, sign-in and sign-out
Implement Individual-Centric Control Systems to increase security
Automatic monitoring and control of visitors' displacements
Protect equipment against theft
Control traffic in restricted zones
Reinforce your access control system
Integrate location and tracking of people to reinforce security systems
Process <br/>Optimization
Locate mobile equipment
Offer shared location-based services to increase revenues
Analyze past displacements to optimize processes

Step 4 - Integration

I need the following type of integration software:

Positional Data SDK


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