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As an integrator, you are always looking for new products and new services to better serve your customers and keep your market share. Purelink Partnership Program will help you design, implement and integrate with existing systems, location-based applications for safety, security and logistics optimisation.

As a Partner, your organization has access to exclusive benefits and tools that allows you to generate more sales, new opportunities and more profitability.

Get your Purelink certification
  • Get your certification and start to meet the changing needs of your customers.
  • Serve your customers in their changing needs through our online certification program.
Start selling
  • Use your new skills to serve the growth of your business turnover.
  • Begin to generate sales by putting the acquired skills to serve your customers and offering new products today.
Prospect new customers
  • Generate interest
  • Turn your first successful geolocation application into a demonstration of skills.
  • Location-based surveillance to enhance video surveillance
  • Make your successes speak for themselves and attract new customers

Join today and take advantage of this unique opportunity to help your customers increase their security, personnel safety and generate new revenue by optimizing their logistics processes.

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