RTLS for Safety


To protect personnel, you have to know where they are

Whether in a psychiatric hospital, a refinery or a customer service center, protecting employees is critical to maintain quality of services and security of the work environment. We can help you better protect your staff. We can help you document and automatically audit the compliance with protocols for emergency response to contain the legal risks.

Equipped with a location badge, the endangered employee can press the button on the badge to automatically send a distress call and transmit their position for fast assistance. With Purelink, you can manage emergency evacuations and automatically count employees. You can even detect an unauthorized employee in a production area to trigger-off hazardous equipment without any human intervention.

emergency assistance
  • Request assistance easily, wherever you are
  • Protect employees in hazardous situations
  • Workers/Patients assistance
  • Maintain work safety protocols
  • Audit work protocols
mustering report
  • Emergency evacuation. Leave no one behind
  • Locate employees in distress
  • Facilitate procedures control
  • Automate headcount
  • Automate mustering reports
  • Quickly build last know location reports
  • Audit compliance to safety procedures
workplace safety
  • Control access to restricted areas
  • Prevent accidents with hazardous equipment
  • Reduce safety breaches by monitoring staff movement
  • Monitor contractors’ location to better control legal risk exposure