long range active RFID for RTLS


Wasting 45 minutes a day to search for equipment?

Preparation of a flight requires multiple synchronized logistic flows of equipment and personnel. Handling equipment of different sizes and shapes, baggage carts, chassis, ULDs, tractors and other specialized equipment must converge in sync for a flawless aircraft service supply.

Lack of time and sometimes lack of space lead staff to mix equipment in dozens of staging areas. To service a flight, staff members travel miles across the airport to search visually for equipment in each staging and/or parking areas. In mid-size airports, dozens of workers spend 45 minutes each, per shift, to search for equipment. These manual searches are a direct waste of $ 8 000 USD per day for baggage handling companies.

Geolocation Service Platform

With Purelink location products, there is no need to search. Once chassis, baggage carts, containers, loaders, tractors are associated with a Purelink tag; baggage handlers can instantly identify where to go to pick the right equipment. No visual search any more, they just look at a screen on the wall to locate reusable containers, material maintenance, pallets, mules, cleaning equipment, carts, container loaders and other equipment.

Deployed as a service platform to assist airport customers, Purelink’s location system delivers Location Service to instantly locate equipment in both staging and parking areas.

We don’t search anymore, we optimize

Deployed as a service platform to assist airport customers, Purelink products deliver type, category, and number of equipment in storage areas in real-time, visually. Workers access instant inventory report per staging and storage area. This approach cuts search time from 45 minutes to 3 seconds. It generates savings of $ 1.2 million per year. Manual searching by staff is no longer needed. Time is invested on processing work, moving baggage more rapidly, and allows for servicing both aircraft and passengers more quickly. Optimizing both employee time-management and customer experience by placing most used equipment per flight in reserved staging areas.

Managers have a clearer view of operations. They have direct on-screen access to actual aircraft services flow. There is better control of service quality and time. Equipped with Purelink’s products, they are now prepared to intervene on the unexpected.

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