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The lack of visitor control creates severe security threat

Protecting the confidentiality, industrial secrets, and security of people and equipment is a daily challenge for both businesses and government agencies. Lack of visitor control is a severe security threat to everyone.

Organizations, large and small, both government and private agencies are all facing the same challenges: How to better control the movement of visitors within our organization? Can we trace their journey, along with their escort? Can we receive alerts when accesses to unauthorized zones are detected?

Every visitor is a potential risk to your company

Traditional visitor management processes contain flaws that make your offices, plants and manufacturing facilities vulnerable. Did the contractors go directly where they were supposed to go or did they wander around? How long did they stay?

Purelink products can help you better control visitors in your organization. By simply associating a badge to a visitor upon their arrival, Purelink’s location system automatically places a virtual eye on every visitor, simultaneously. With your Purelink products you can easily build Individual Centric Control System (ICCS) applications to leverage your existing security infrastructure. ICCS locates visitors in real-time throughout the building. By placing business rules on the individual’s profile, ICCS applications automatically controls and tracks the displacement of each visitor, in real-time.

A virtual eye on every visitor

When a visitor enters a restricted office area, a lab or a production zone, BluefairyTM Software instantly triggers an alarm, pinpoints video cameras on the visitor’s location, alerts security guards and sends a text message to an administrator’s Smartphone. You can even program your BluefairyTM Software to automatically blink or ring the visitor badge informing the visitor and employees of the security breach.


Purelink's products are designed to be integrated with your current security system. Once consolidated with Purelink’s ICCS application, your enhanced security system will deliver:

  • Automatic monitoring and control of visitors
  • Automatic control of compliance to authorized zones and stay time
  • Monitor escorts and guests displacements throughout the facility
  • Control unauthorized access to equipment, restricted areas and hazardous materials.
  • Facilitate safety audit and compliance with COSHH and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health).

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