location algorithms


The Purelink tracking system is built on digital impulses communication technology. Impulse radio has been used for decades in military communications and is essential to radar technology. DILS technology (Digital Impulse Location System) uses short pulses of RF modulated in time and frequency to transmit information reliably over long distances. By modulating the radio wave in frequency and time domain, fine timing measurements on the duration of signal propagation become possible.

This time measurement is essential for the implementation of time difference of arrival (TDOA) algorithms, the system kernel of Purelink Real-Time Location System. In addition, DILS also allows accurate measurement of signal strength. These measures allow the application of powerful location algorithms based of the received signal strength (RSS). Together, the TDOA, RSS and Fingerprint algorithms provide excellent location results in any Purelink Real-Time Location System. .

Another key advantage of DILS is the brevity of individual transmissions, resulting in a high data rate capability that allows the system to track in real-time thousands of people and equipment per second. A large number of badges and tags RFID / RTLS can operate simultaneously without compromising data integrity and security.

DILS provides the foundation for an excellent temporal resolution required by applications of real-time location (RTLS). Purelink DILS real-time location system has proven its performance by more than 9 years of operation in airport security, logistics, protection of employees in hospitals and psychiatric centers and assisted management of mobile equipment. Adopt a technology specifically designed for location-based applications and tested by hundreds of discerning customers. Demand performance, quality and competitive price. Choose Purelink for your RTLS applications.